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Duce Lee



Duce Lee or as his family calls him Shawn Lee is a Chinese South Korean born in America. He works daily in his family business running the behind the scenes of the family Chinese restraunt.  But that doesn’t stop him from pursuing his passion for country music.  Every waking moment he can find he is in his apartment in Canoga Park, California working on building his studio, rearranging it, design his business and streaming live his favorite cover songs or songs he has written. He can bring tears to your eyes as he communicates his heart’s expression through country music. He is a gentle 30-year-old man who loves to learn the songs of the greats in all genres. He started his music career learning the drums at the young age of 15.  From drums he moved onto guitar and then onto the electric guitar. His most influential person in his music passion has been his uncle who he adored immensely. He would watch with eager eyes and ears as the two of them listened to a plethora of music, from metal, to  rock, to hip hop, to jazz and R&B. He truly loves and deeply appreciates all genres of music. He knows how special music is.  He is inspired and strongly connected to country music. He simply says,  “Country Music is the way in which I feel a connection to which allows me to express myself.”  He loves to take requests while he streams live on, to learn new songs, and to keep improving his rendition of 'Eye Of The Tiger.'  Most importantly he loves, arranging cords on the guitar into melodies and writing songs. He knows how to make his songs reverberate pure emotion. This he calls his true expression and wow moments.


Duce is an inspiration to me and hopefully to you with his raspy, emotionally tuned music..


This is a part of a second show that I did with duce lee in his studio in canoga park, california. He dawns his stylin cowboy hat and sings us the hook of his new country hit that he has been working on. It is not edited so feel free to zip the line mover on the video bar around so that you skip in and around to hear snips and snaps of our chat that are entertaining. Hope you are having a wonderful new year thus far. and i say remember and find  your aspirations and keep on rockin and a rollin through your empire! 

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