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Ty Cumming$

Ty Cummings work is about multiple levels of reality together in unity. The ecstatic and beautiful, with the terrible and unsettling, embracing the unknown as well as what's in focus with structure and desire. Loss and victory. Memories of the past and present energies, speeds, experience and dreams with momentum and mood. It's a vision!

Mario Arteaga

Mario Arteaga is the graffiti artist who's all heart and soul with the mad skills with the spray can. He has works all over Venice. He creates artistic graffiti pieces on city walls, and alleys,  trash cans, electrical boxes, personal homes, and on canvas.  He has a wonderful wife Joanna and a beautiful brand new baby boy Heiki. His talent to create graffiti projects are not simple. They images might seem simple, but if u look at them long enough you start to see the connections to a thought invoking philosophy.  He is one artist to discover.

Ivo Vergara

Ivo Vergara is born and raised in Santiago Chile. He moved to California and found himself connected deeper into his love for painting. He has created murals all over Los Angeles, and Europe. His creativity is a doorway into the child like expression in which he creates so you can slide in and connect again your own inspiration and childlike expression. He is all heart and joy.

Jules Muck

Jules Muck is a true Venice artist from London. She has embodied a deep understanding for the beautiful sprite lime green spray paint to create at her will.  She has a unique and simple way of portraying famous people, famous idioms, and many more thought provoking works of art that send emotions for all to discover.

Dakota Rayfield

Dakota is a one of a kind beach girl. She grew up in Florida and has moved to California and has successfully begun fulfilling her dreams to create a skateboarding world that brings open arms to the young and the hip girls of America. Dakota has single handedly created a specialty skateboard that attract the girls, and the boys of all ages with her hand painted designs adorning the skateboard. You can create your own design, give her something to think about for her to create, or let her loose and have her create one that seems just perfect for you.


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