Ramage Jacobs

Ramage Jacobs is the talent of many generations and family friends who have graced the stages across Nashville and the United States. He learned to play music through his own instincts and drive to learn the art of timing and soul.....

Sky Willie

Sky Willie orchestral heavy metal drummer for the band Piracy. A modern interview with a modern drummer who really knows how to slap them skins.

Jessi Groux

Jessi Groux was born to be a singer, song writter and musician. She was raised on the hair metal and rock and roll stage with her father and her mother. She is a true beauty inside and out with more feelings and insight to share than one can grasp when hearing her music for the first time. She has an instinctive way of opening your mind with ideas that are so simple yet leave you in deeper contemplation and unable to resist singing her songs over and over again...

Duce Lee

Duce Lee or as his family call him Shawn Lee is a Chinese South Korean born American. He works daily in his family business running the behind the scenes of the Chinese restaurant, but that doesn't stop him from pursuing his passion for music. Every waking moment he can find in his apartment in Canoga Park, California working on building his studio, his business and live streaming his favorite songs that he writes.

David Sparrow

David Sparrow or as he is foldy nicknames Sparrow and Cricket, shows us his softer side with his heavy thoughts and deep despairs. Some kind of a beautiful voiced country singer Bob Dylan. He is a genuine one of a kind and should most definately be on the show Nashville.


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